MY mission

The photography industry is a tough gig. Since the rise of social media, so too the demand for beautiful photographs to document our lives. And therefore a rise in the number of photographers compared to a decade ago. I started my business in simpler times, when social media was brand new. And brightly coloured props and cute gimmick outfits were the trend.

Since then, I have evolved into a style that I personally would love for my children and therefore attract 'my tribe' as clients.
I had many struggles along the way, and learnt many aspects of running a business through trial and error.


I love to teach and empower other photographers to succeed in their photography business. After all, this is the business we started in order to feel something again. Ditch the 9-5 office job and work for yourself. Capture the most wonderful time in peoples lives. Sounds like a dream doesn't it? If you run the numbers, and streamline your processes it can be an absolute dream. But if you under-charge and work around the clock, it kind of defeats the purpose of starting your own business, right?


My mission is to share the knowledge of starting a photography business. How to define your style as well as running a smooth business with systems and procedures that save you time when it comes to the editing and admin. I teach my students price setting in order to run a profit. All the way through to post processing and selling prints and products.

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Hi, I'm Mel

It's lovely to have you here. You're on the right track if you are looking for inspiration and are ready to build on what you already have. I am here to help you refine your vision for the way you want your business to grow.

Whether you are based in Perth or not, there are multiple options to make our time together possible. I want you to let go of fear, and give it a go. Because nothing in life worthwhile actually comes without serious dedication, motivation and most of all the action to make it happen.


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Success is not an activity



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