Baby Camden – 8 days

Little Camden.. Your family waited 9 long years for you. And oh, what a treasure you are.⁠
The miracle of new life is always something that amazes me on a daily basis. Which is why I am so passionate about babies, and photographing their precious newness. ⁠

I also know first-hand about the struggles of infertility. My husband and I tried for almost 5 years, with numerous attempts at IVF with the doctors just saying it was categorised as ‘unexplained infertility’. And at my age, it was not looking promising.⁠

It’s amazing how life turns out. When you least expect it, a rainbow really can be around the corner. ⁠

To all my beautiful clients and future clients that are also encountering infertility issues, be kind to yourself; look after yourself; and most of all, trust in the universe.