Congratulations on your pregnancy!

What a wonderful time in your life. I know first-hand that most days you are just wishing it was time for your baby to arrive.. Wish you had your old body back.. Will you get your own body back?

Some days you're lucky if you even put make-up on. The pregnancy stage is not as glamorous as you were hoping.
But don't lose sight of how amazing your body is. You are growing a new life inside you! That is something wonderful!

I take pleasure in helping Mumma-to-be's see the beauty and wonder of their pregnant bodies. And no, you don't need a 'model body' to jump in front of the camera.

Thats where I have carefully curated a collection of handmade gowns for my client wardrobe. This is a free service to all my clients. We're never too old to play dress-ups, right?

In addition, I have had over a decade of posing pregnant Mumma's so that all the best angles are celebrated.

I look forward to meeting you and your bump soon.

xo Mel


This month only

When you book and pay your creative fee for a newborn package you will receive;

  • FREE 30 minute maternity session in Mel's natural light studio in Morley.
  • Your choice of 5 high resolution digital files. Additional digital files and prints are available to purchase on top
  • Access to the carefully curated client wardrobe. So you feel as magical as you should


Sessions strictly subject to availability

Newborn packages start from $800 for 30 high resolution digital files on USB, 30x 4x6" prints and keepsake box. Plus the creative fee of $200.

Newborn sessions are best scheduled 3-4 months in advance. Ideal age is before 12 days old for an agreeable, sleepy baby.