Photography for me started at an early age. I remember my first camera being one of those disposable cardboard ones you get at the checkout at Coles. I guess my Mum had no choice but to finally buy me one. After all, I was always messing around with the family camera and I don’t think Mum would have forgiven herself If I accidentally re-configured the whole thing. When I was about fourteen I was then granted permission to use the ‘family SLR camera’ under supervision, and pretty soon I knew that thing inside and out. Better than the folks did I think. I have fond memories from our family trips around WA. I would have Dad stop the car regularly in order to capture the sun-kissed landscape the way I saw it at that very moment. In 2006 I trained at Central TAFE and finally photography became my profession and not just a passion.
Specialising in maternity and newborns I found my niche. Each an every newborn baby is as unique as a fingerprint. And I choose to capture the baby in poses that are simple and natural to ensure my clients are comfortable, having a memorable experience and every photo session reflects the subject accurately. As a result, memorable images are produced. I believe that photography is about the essence of the moment. My objective is for the viewer to feel the emotion, attitude and the character residing in my subjects.

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