A Full Gallery Of Images. What To Expect.

Quite often I am asked, how many ‘looks’ can I expect from a newborn photo session? And the answer can vary from baby to baby. But I always endeavour to have up to 20 unique images in your final gallery to choose from.

This can be made up of a few elements;

  1. Family and sibling photos. This can vary depending on the family. How many siblings there are, and whether each family member would like an individual photo with the baby or not.
  2. Beanbag photos. These are the photos where the baby is usually in their birthday suit, in various poses. You have the  choice of many colours and shades, where you will choose two. I usually recommend a colour and a neutral. Then I will pose your baby in a variety of poses (see baby Finlay below) with either accessorising with wraps, teddy bears, headbands or hats. The poses that a baby will be happy with can vary form one newborn to the next. So I will know once I meet your little one and start to work with them as to what they will and won’t like.
  3. Props. Based on the gender of the baby or the colour scheme my clients provide me during the planning stages of their newborn photo session, I will set up the studio before they arrive. This set up usually consists of six or more different prop options for them to choose from. But again, it depends on the baby how many different looks we can get through. But I always say at least two. Props can be anything from hanging baskets, to driftwood bowls, to a sweet little bucket or a floral nest. With my vast collection of local and internationally sourced props, the options are endless 😉


Meet sweet little Finlay below, and view his final gallery of 20 images.