Fun in the Winter Sun | Perth Family Photographer

With Winter well and truly set in, today’s Mum (Olivia) and I were a little hesitant about whether we should do an outdoors session.  But nothing quite beats it really… and what do you know, first time lucky! We were blessed with blue skies and golden sun to play in without any rescheduling. 3 year old Ava and 1 year old Jack were just model children! Despite all the searching, no fairies were found at my favorite location unfortunately. The search continues.. 😉   Thanks again to Olivia and Chris for choosing me to capture your first professional family photos.

The Litas Family-4The Litas Family-9The Litas Family-12collageThe Litas Family-22The Litas Family-25The Litas Family-32The Litas Family-36The Litas Family-42collageThe Litas Family-47collageThe Litas Family-54The Litas Family-56The Litas Family-63The Litas Family-70The Litas Family-78collageThe Litas Family-89The Litas Family-98 collageThe Litas Family-107The Litas Family-112The Litas Family-117The Litas Family-124The Litas Family-128

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